Boysville, Inc. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 2018

With sincerest appreciation we wanted to THANK EVERYONE who came-out and gave in a multitude of ways to help us cater the Annual Boysville Thanksgiving Dinner last night.

The evening was HUGE success with the coordinated efforts of the Boysville staff and their many volunteers from various businesses, churches, organizations and of course our very own Team ScooterZ who worked tirelessly until the very end. Also, not to forget those who volunteered their time before last night with cash donations received and used towards additional food purchased, the mountain of desserts donated by the community, our family & friends who helped prep & prepare special dishes, and the always important clean-up crew.

The biggest reward of the night was the chance to witness all those precious kids who’ve been given a second chance. All who walked in with their families were dressed-up as if it were Christmas Day! There were a LOT of clean plates, BIG SMILES, and many “THANKS” at the end of the night!

Thanks again to ALL….! We’re forever grateful and hope to do it all over again next year!

-Mike and Tracee

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